Identifont May 2006

29th May 2006

Today we've released a major new update of the Identifont Web site with a number of improvements in response to feedback, and to incorporate new features:

Consistent interface

Identifont now uses a clear tabbed interface, to make it easy to switch between the main features.


The left-hand column on each page is now consistently used for displaying a list of results, such as from an identification, search by name, or search by similarity. Where appropriate each result includes a rating bar to indicate the match for that result.

Fonts by Appearance

At each stage when you are identifying a font by appearance, the left-hand column shows a list of the questions you have already answered.

Click on a question to review the options, and optionally change your reply.

Fonts by Similarity

You can now show a list of fonts that are visually similar to a a given font, ranked in order of similarity.

The first font on the list is always the target font, to make it easy to compare successive matches with this.

From any font page clicking the Show more similar fonts... link shows a list of similar fonts.


If you have any comments or suggestions about the new features please contact .